Sports Prediction Quiz Update.. 2017-04-20 09:00:00

The March Results are calculated after the first 3 events.

A total of 633 people entered the 2017 Bride Rovers Sports Prediction Quiz and the club would like to thank all those who entered. 

1st Prize: €500

2nd Prize: €200

3rd Prize: €100

4th Prize: €50

5th Prize: €50

€3000 for all 22 Correct Answers.

Names are listed in Alphabetical Order below:

Amy Murphy0044
Anthony O Leary8008
Aaron Murphy88016
Alan Collins88420
Anita Hoban88420
Anthony Ahern88420
Anthony Cahill08412
Aoife Heffernan0000
Aislinn O Connor 20044
Aislinn O Connor 408412
Anthony Wall80412
Adrian Kelly80412
Aidan Slattery88420
Aine Shimmin08412
Allie Murray88420
Aiden Dorgan88016
Aislinn O Connor 180412
Aislinn O Connor 30044
Annette O Brien0808
Adam Kirby80412
Adrian Clancy80412
Aidan Cowen0044
Alan Fitzgerald0000
Alan Murphy88016
Amy Hollingsworth0000
Andrew Shanahan08412
Andy O Regan0044
Ann Forde8008
Ann Jones88016
Annette Murphy0808
Annette Stapleton08412
Aidan Collins0000
Aidan Hayes 108412
Aidan Hayes 20808
Aine Cashman0000
Aisling Dunne & Alan Healy0044
Alan Barry88420
Andrew O Flynn88420
Anne Marie O Callaghan8008
Anthony O Regan0044
Aoibhin & Olan O Driscoll08412
Aoife O Regan88420
Ashling Prendergast0044
Ava Barry88420
Barry Coleman0044
Barry Collins 188420
Barry Collins 20044
Barry Hazelwood88420
Barry Johnson0808
Barry Lambe08412
Barry Morrison08412
Batt Dorgan0808
Batt O Connell8008
Bernard Cafferkey0000
Bertie Whelan08412
Betty Cahill88420
Bill Fitzgerald88420
Billy Devine88016
Billy Dwyer0044
Billy Finnegan88420
Billy Frost88420
Billy Howard80412
Billy Loftus0808
Billy Timlin88016
Blaine Karluck88420
Bobby Lyons0808
Breda Cahill0044
Brendan O Driscoll Jnr08412
Brendan O Driscoll Snr0044
Brendan Walsh88016
Brian Arnold80412
Brian Barry0000
Brian Collins 180412
Brian Collins 288420
Brian Collins 30044
Brian Collins 480412
Brian Collins c/o R O Regan0044
Brian Dorgan0044
Brian Hogan0044
Brian Larkin88016
Brian Murphy0044
Bridgee Forde0808
Bridget O Sullivan0044
Caitriona Hartnett0044
Caoimhe & Caragh Arnold8008
Caoimhe Barry08412
Caoimhe Kielty8008
Caragh Bermingham88420
Carmel Finnegan08412
Caroline Broderick0044
Cathal McAllister0000
Cathal McSweeney88420
Cathal O Connell88016
Cathal Ryan08412
Catherine Hegarty80412
Catherine Mannix0044
Charlie O Connell0808
Chris Quinn0044
Cian O Connor 10044
Cian O Connor 208412
Cian O Connor 30044
Cian O Connor 40044
Cian O Connor 50044
Ciaran McGann0044
Ciaran O Dowd0808
Cillian Barry0044
Claire Hickey0044
Claire O Regan88420
Cliff Notley08412
Clodagh Barry88016
Clodagh Bermingham80412
Clodagh Lane08412
Colette Hogan80412
Colin Hogan0808
Colm Cronin8008
Colm O Neill0000
Colman Keating80412
Conor Byrne0808
Conor Hazelwood88420
Conor Lane88420
Conor Lawlor88016
Conor O Riordan0000
Cormac Barry08412
Courtney Canning0808
Damien Buckley0044
Damien Byrne0000
Damien Healy 188016
Damien Healy 280412
Dan Dooley08412
Dan O Connell08412
Dan O Connor88420
Dan O Regan0000
Dan Quill08412
Daniel Burke08412
Daniel Lynch88016
Daniel O Regan Jnr80412
Danny Arnold8008
Danny Kelly0000
Darragh Kielty0000
Darragh Murphy88420
Darren Ahern08412
Darren O Mahony0000
Dave Collins 10044
Dave Collins 280412
Dave Hourihan08412
Dave Kearney0044
Dave Lane88016
Dave O Keeffe88420
David Burke88420
David Cusack0044
David Murphy88016
David Rea0044
Dean Daly0044
Deborah Murphy0808
Deirdre Coakley0000
Deirdre O Donovan0000
Denis Ahern 188016
Denis Ahern 288420
Denis Fitzgerald0044
Denis Mulcahy08412
Derek O Donoghue0000
Dermot Dorgan0000
Derry Guerin0044
Des Cullinane0044
Diarmuid O Donovan88420
DJ Cahill80412
DJ O Sullivan0044
Dominck Smyth0044
Dominic Connor 108412
Dominic Connor 20044
Don Quill 108412
Don Quill 208412
Donal Collins0044
Donal Leahy0000
Donal McSweeney08412
Donal Pyne0000
Donal Roche88420
Donie Cahill0000
Dylan & Dean Browne0808
E & J Barry0044
Eamon Landy0000
Eamon Maher0044
Ed Burke0000
Eddie Brophy0044
Eddie Gaffey08412
Eddie Maher0044
Eddie McCarthy88420
Edmund & Denis Cashman0044
Eileen O Mahony88016
Elaine Burke08412
Eleanor Carey0000
Ella Barry0044
Ellie Twomey0044
Emma & Aindreas0044
Emma Burke88420
Emmet Allen08412
Eoin Burke88420
Eoin O Connell0044
Eoin Roche08412
Eugene Murphy0000
Evelyn Collins8008
Fergal Barry0044
Fergus Collins 10808
Fergus Collins 288420
Fergus Collins 30000
Fergus Collins 40044
Fergus Collins 50044
Fergus Collins 60808
Fermoy Print0044
Finbarr Morrison 10044
Finbarr Morrison 20000
Finbarr Raymond08412
Finbarr Twohig0044
Finn & Hannah O Driscoll8008
Fiona Nash80412
Fionn Barry0044
Fionn Lynch0000
Francis Hogan0044
Francis Sweeney0808
Frank & Leslie O Regan0000
Frank Davis0000
Frank Hogan 10044
Frank Hogan 20044
Frank Long08412
Frank O Meara 188420
Frank O Meara 208412
Garrett Ahern0000
Garrett Fitzgerald0000
Garry Muthen8008
Gary Daly88420
Gary O Sullivan08412
Gavin Berry0044
Gavin O Flynn08412
Gavin Quill08412
Gavin Sheahan80412
Gearoid Fox8008
Ger Daly08412
Ger Harrington0044
Gerard Lane88420
Gerard Kiely0000
Gerard Liddane8008
Gerard Maguire08412
Gerard Murphy0000
Gerry Kelly0000
Gillian Kenny0808
Grace Kearney0000
Harriet Cotter80412
Helen O Regan0044
Helen O Sullivan80412
Hollaí Fitzgerald0808
Hugh O Hagan88016
Hugh O Neill08412
Ita Madden0044
Jack Connor 10044
Jack Connor 20044
Jack Keating0044
Jack Keating0044
Jack O Donovan0044
Jackie Buckley08412
James Ahern8008
James Bermingham88420
James Corcoran88420
James Fitzgerald8008
James Hogan80412
James Jammy Barry0808
James Johnson0808
James Liddane0000
James Murphy80412
Jamie Boland88420
Jamie Buckley88016
Jan Keating0044
Jane Collins0000
Jane O Driscoll80412
Jason Barrett0044
Jason Kenneally88420
Jennifer Barry0044
Jennifer Cahill80412
Jennifer Lane88420
Jerome O Driscoll8008
Jerry Galvin8008
Jerry McCarthy88420
Jerry O Sullivan0044
Jerry Walsh88420
Jessica O Donovan0044
Jim & Jack Johnson88420
Jim Dowling08412
Jim Manley08412
Jim O Connor80412
Jim O Donovan0000
Jim Sheehan08412
Joe Cahill08412
Joe Collins88420
Joe Delaney88420
Joe Dowling88420
John & Mary Arnold0000
John A Murphy 10044
John A Murphy 20044
John A Murphy 30044
John A Murphy 408412
John A Murphy 508412
John A Murphy 60044
John Archer08412
John Arnold 10000
John Arnold 20808
John Barry0044
John Brassill88420
John Collins08412
John Crean88016
John Dorgan88420
John Dunphy88016
John Flannery08412
John Greene0044
John Lynch 108412
John Lynch 20000
John Madden 108412
John Madden 280412
John Maher0044
John McCarthy0000
John McCarthy c/o P O Driscoll88420
John Murphy88420
John O Connor0044
John O Driscoll0044
John Ryan08412
John Twomey0044
John Walsh88420
Johnjo Lane8008
Johnnie Hagan0000
Joseph O Brien08412
Josh Ahern0044
Julianne Barry08412
Kathy Kearney0044
Katie Connor 180412
Katie Connor 28008
Katie Cunningham80412
Katie Dunne0044
Katie Quirke8008
Kay & Sham Buckley88420
Kay Buckley88016
Keith Morrissey0000
Ken Cotter0044
Ken Madden88420
Ken O Brien0044
Ken O Riordan8008
Ken Roche80412
Kenneth Barry88016
Kenny Lee08412
Kevin  Collins0044
Kevin Carey88420
Kevin Galvin88016
Kevin Hogan80412
Kevin Hurley0044
Kevin Roche0000
Kevin Ryan80412
Kieran Cleary80412
Kieran Collins0044
Kieran Dwane88016
Kieran Lane0000
Kieran Liddane88016
Kieran Mulchinock88016
Kieran Murphy0000
Liam Barry 10044
Liam Barry 20044
Liam Brennan88420
Liam Buckley0044
Liam Burke08412
Liam Cahill88016
Liam Collins88016
Liam Cotter88420
Liam Dineen0000
Liam Forde08412
Liam O Brien Snr 10044
Liam O Brien Snr 288420
Liam, Emma, Kealan Collins0000
Linda Ahern0000
Luke Murphy0808
Luke O Leary0044
Mag Lawlor88016
Mai Browne88016
Mairead O Halloran8008
Mairead Ryan0000
Margaret Barry0044
Margaret Fleming08412
Margaret Kelleher88420
Margaret Lupton80412
Maria O Sullivan08412
Marie O Regan88420
Marie Sheehan0044
Mark Lowry08412
Mark Maguire0000
Mark O Connell80412
Mark Raggett88420
Martin Cambridge08412
Martin Fleming80412
Martin Murphy0044
Martin O Farrell0044
Martin O Shea88420
Martin Prendergast0000
Martina Kelly8008
Mary Arnold 10044
Mary Arnold 20044
Mary Connor 10000
Mary Connor 20044
Mary Connor 38008
Mary Murphy c/o P Murphy8008
Mary Murphy c/o T Mulcahy88420
Mary Quill88420
Matt Aherne0044
Matt Murphy08412
Matthew Stokie88420
Maurice Dooley8008
Maurice Downing88016
Maurice Kearney80412
Melanie Hayes0000
Michael Aherne0000
Michael Barry0000
Michael Boland0000
Michael Carey80412
Michael Collins80412
Michael Daly80412
Michael Duggan88420
Michael Flynn0044
Michael Galvin80412
Michael Harrington88016
Michael Hartnett0000
Michael Hayes0000
Michael Jones8008
Michael Kearney8008
Michael Lynch0000
Michael McCormack0000
Michael Moloney08412
Michael O Shea08412
Michael Scanlan88420
Micheal O Keeffe80412
Michelle Barry0000
Michelle Dunne0044
Michelle Hartnett0044
Michelle Kennedy88016
Michelle Lane0808
Michelle O Connor8008
Mick Kearney0044
Mick O Connell0044
Mike Beecher8008
Mike Keating88420
Mike Liddane08412
Mossie Barry0000
Mossie O Sullivan88420
Nathan McKuill0044
Ned Fitzgerald0044
Ned O Keeffe0808
Neilus O Mahony88420
Nevin Butler08412
Niall Brosnan88420
Niamh & Kathleen Johnson0000
Niamh Barry0000
Niamh Molan80412
Nick Forde0808
Nicky Kelleher0000
Nigel Hickey88420
Nigel Murphy88420
Noel Finn88016
Noel Furlong88420
Noel Hogan80412
Noel Molan8008
Noel Murphy08412
Noel O Callaghan8008
Norah O Connor88420
O Callaghans 188420
O Callaghans 288420
Oisin Casey0044
Olive Liddane0044
Oliver Kiely8008
Oliver O Connor 108412
Oliver O Connor 208412
Oliver O Connor 380412
Oliver O Connor 480412
Oliver O Connor 50044
Oliver O Connor 60044
Oliver O Connor 788420
Oliver O Connor 880412
Ollie Leahy08412
Oran Kielty0808
Orla Arnold80412
Orla Larkin0044
Orla Quill88420
Owen Ahern0044
Owen Hickey88016
P O Tuama80412
Pa O Driscoll80412
Paddy Hynes0044
Paddy Lambe08412
Paddy O Donoghue88420
Padraig & Paul Evans0000
Padraig Barry88016
Padraig Howard0044
Padraig McDonnell0044
Padraig Murphy88420
Partrick Daly0044
Pat Barry0044
Pat Barry c/o Erins Own 10000
Pat Barry c/o Erins Own 20044
Pat Barry c/o L Barry08412
Pat Broderick0000
Pat Carleton88420
Pat Cotter08412
Pat Crowley08412
Pat Culloty08412
Pat Dillion8008
Pat Greehy0000
Pat Harrington0000
Pat Joe Houlihan0000
Pat Kelly c/o J O Driscoll88016
Pat Kelly c/o R O Regan0000
Pat Lordan08412
Pat Mac Barry0044
Pat Nash0044
Pat O Connor0808
Patrick Kent0000
Patrick Morrison88420
Patrick Stack88420
Patsy Hogan80412
Paudie Murphy8008
Paudie Nash0000
Paudy Collins08412
Paul Broughan0044
Paul Colbert0808
Paul Creed88420
Paul Howard0044
Paul McCarthy0000
Paul O Dowd0000
Paul O Herlihy08412
Peter Creedon0044
Peter Mannix0044
Philip Fehily88420
PJ McCarthy88420
Rachel Scannell88420
Raymond O Brien08412
Rían O Brian80412
Richard Barrett80412
Richard Lynch88420
Richard Murphy c/o D Burke0044
Richard Murphy c/o G Lane0044
Richie O Regan 108412
Richie O Regan 208412
Richie Ryan0044
Roger Liddane08412
Roisin McEnery88420
Ronan O Regan88016
Ronan O Riordan0044
Ronnie Hennessy0808
Rory Liddane88420
Rosamund O Connor 1 08412
Rosamund O Connor 208412
Rosamund O Connor 30044
Rosamund O Connor 480412
Rosamund O Connor 50044
Rosamund O Connor 60044
Roy Maxwell0044
Ryan Cahill80412
Ryan Prendergast08412
S Dunlea0808
Sarah & Erica08412
Sarah McGrath0000
Seamus Ahern0000
Sean Barry80412
Sean Cronin88016
Sean O Brien80412
Sean O Connell0000
Sean O Sullivan88016
Sean Quirke08412
Sean Twomey0044
Sham Buckley88016
Shane Kavanagh0044
Shane Kenny0000
Shane Muscles O Connor88420
Shane O Connor 10044
Shane O Connor 280412
Shane O Connor 30044
Shane O Donnell c/o B Finnegan08412
Shane O Donnell c/o F Collins08412
Shane O Flynn8008
Shane Ronayne c/o J Arnold80412
Shane Ronayne c/o P O Driscoll08412
Shane Wybrant08412
Shauna Maher88420
Sinead McDonnell88420
Sinead Murphy8008
Siobhan O Sullivan88016
Stephen Connolly08412
Stephen Murphy0044
Stephen O Brien0044
Stephen O Connell0000
Stephen Quinn80412
Tadgh Fitzgerald08412
Tadhg Coleman0044
Terence Whelan88016
Terry Broderick80412
Theresa Prendergast0044
Thomas Collins08412
Thomas McAuliffe80412
Thomas Mulcahy0044
Tim Foley0000
Tim Frank Buckley88420
Tim O Brien08412
Tom Barry08412
Tom Brackett88420
Tom Daly08412
Tom McCarthy0044
Tom Murray8008
Tom Walsh88420
Tomas Kearney08412
Tommy McGuire0808
Tony Collins0044
Tony Kenneally08412
Tony McGinty08412
Tracey Kennedy08412
Tracy Prendergast0044
Triona O Flynn0808
Trisha Arnold0000
Troy O Mahony0808
V O Shea88420
Valerie Murphy0000
Vincent Murphy88016
Wayne Davies0044
Will Daly80412
William Finnegan0000
William Kearney08412
William Lomasney0044
William O Leary0000
William Sheehan0000
Willie Barry08412
Willie McSweeney0000
Willie Rice08412
Yvonne O Sullivan0044

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