History: Club Colours/Name

Club Name
The fact that both Bartlemy and Rathcormac clubs were able to field separate teams was evidence that there was no shortage of players in the parish. Perhaps both clubs realised however, that on their own neither would be strong enough to challenge for major honours. Whatever the reason a meeting was arranged for the Bandroom in Bartlemy the actual date of the meeting at which the Bride Rovers GAA Club was formed is not known but it was sometime in late autumn of 1928. Billy Barry, who was a member of the Bartlemy team, recalled that there was a certain amount of tension at the meeting. Amongst those present at the meeting were Tom Barry N.T., David John Barry, Pat Foley, Joe Healy, Dan Barry N.T., Billy Barry, Jim Roche, Martin Murley, Mike Ahern, Ned Hoskins, Jim Heskin, Johnny Fitzgerald and Patrick Fitzgerald, and after a long discussion it was agreed to form a parish team. The name for the new club proved problematic. When "Bride Rovers" was first suggested by David John Barry some felt that the "Rovers" part was more associated with the English 'foreign game' but eventually Bride Rovers was agreed to.

The club colours were picked as blue and white which were the colours worn back in the 1880's. Billy Barry was working in Cork at the time and he was appointed to buy a set of jerseys. He priced a few sets of jerseys but in one shop a set of 'cheaper' green, white and gold jerseys were available. These were purchased and thus the Bride Rovers colours from thereafter were green, white and gold. In order to raise funds it was decided that members and players would pay a fee of 1d. a week.
When the club re-formed in 1964 it was again decided to play in blue and white the old Bartlemy team colours of the 1950s and a new set of Blue and White would be purchased but they were unable to get a blue and white set so they reverted to the original colours of green, white and gold and white shorts which remain the colours to date.