League Table Rebel Og East Minor A Football League

Daurigle Gaels831211670467
Sliabh Rua83138088-87
St Vincents8204585264
Erins Own81051363-502
Wolfe Tones80051971-520
Bride Rovers80033488-540

Sliabh Rua 1-102-4St Vincents Belgooly25/02/201716:00
Aghada 1-82-4Sliabh Rua Aghada11/03/201714:00
Aghabullogue 4-91-6Passage Coachford11/03/201716:00
Bride Rovers 1-55-18Aghada Aghada15/03/201719:30
St Vincents 1-120-3Wolfe Tones St Vincents20/03/201720:15
Wolfe Tones 1-57-13Aghada Kanturk25/03/201714:00
Daurigle Gaels --St Vincents Millstreet26/03/201716:00Conceded by St Vincents
Sliabh Rua --Erins Own Riverstick31/03/201719:00Conceded by Erins Own
Aghabullogue 3-150-4Erins Own Coachford09/04/201719:00
Erins Own --Wolfe Tones Erins Own27/04/201719:00Conceded by Wolfe Tones
Bride Rovers 2-74-19Sliabh Rua Rathcormac27/04/201719:15
Aghada 1-101-10Daurigle Gaels Aghada27/04/201719:30
St Vincents 5-91-8Passage St Vincents27/04/201719:30
St Vincents 0-93-16Aghada St Vincents03/07/201719:30
Passage 5-92-7Bride Rovers Passage07/07/201719:30
Daurigle Gaels 5-150-5Sliabh Rua Cullen21/07/201720:00
Passage 4-142-17Daurigle Gaels Passage31/07/201720:00
Wolfe Tones --Aghabullogue Kanturk02/08/201719:30Conceded by Wolfe Tones
Sliabh Rua 1-70-13Aghabullogue Belgooly16/08/201719:30
Passage 2-160-8Wolfe Tones Passage23/08/201719:00
Daurigle Gaels 5-242-3Erins Own Coachford28/08/201719:00
Passage 0-110-11Sliabh Rua Passage03/09/201718:30
Aghabullogue 2-33-11Aghada To Be Confirmed or Refixed12/09/201700:00
Aghada --Erins Own Aghada17/09/201711:30Conceded by Erins Own
Erins Own --Passage Caherlag20/09/201718:30Conceded by Erins Own
Aghada 1-142-4Passage Cobh30/09/201715:00
Bride Rovers --Aghabullogue Rathcormac01/10/201700:00Void match
Bride Rovers --Daurigle Gaels Rathcormac01/10/201700:00Void match
Erins Own --Bride Rovers Caherlag01/10/201700:00Void match
Erins Own --St Vincents Erins Own01/10/201700:00Void match
Sliabh Rua --Wolfe Tones Sliabh Rua01/10/201700:00Void match
St Vincents --Bride Rovers St Vincents01/10/201700:00Void match
Wolfe Tones --Bride Rovers Kanturk01/10/201700:00Void match
Wolfe Tones --Daurigle Gaels Kanturk01/10/201700:00Void match
Aghabullogue --St Vincents Coachford01/10/201717:00Conceded by St Vincents
Daurigle Gaels 2-53-8Aghabullogue Cullen01/10/201718:15
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