Vetting for Bride Rovers GAA Club

Vetting for Bride Rovers GAA Club

Bride Rovers are obliged to ensure that all adults involved in a role of  responsibility such as coaching or managing an underage team, or adult  teams that include underage players, are vetted by the National Vetting  Bureau. 

Vetting was established under the Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport,  but is now a legal requirement. As of January 1st, 2018, no adult can be  involved with an underage team, or an adult team involving underage  players, unless they have been vetted. 

The vetting process is done online. Log onto  and follow the steps outlined on the webpage. 

Step 1: Complete the GAA E-Vetting ID Form. This should then be  handed or emailed to the Club Children’s Officer 

A copy of photographic ID (Passport/Driving  Licence) and a copy of address (P60/Payslip/Utility Bill) must accompany  the ID Form. This will be returned to the applicant when the vetting  process has been completed. 

Step 2: Complete the online E-Vetting application form on the GAA  website (see above). The photographic ID and copy of address must be  attached to the application. Submit the form. 

Step 3: The National Vetting Bureau will email you with the NVB Vetting  Application form. You will be asked for all previous addresses, along  with any convictions or prosecutions (if any). Once this is returned, the  GAA will contact you (currently taking two weeks) with the outcome of  the request. The Bride Rovers secretary will also be notified if you have  been successful. 

Rosario Kielty

Bride Rovers Children’s Officer,


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